4. Discussion

Goals were not met as building did not complete.

4.1 Key Findings
A few key findings were that if one part of the circuit requires a higher or lower voltage than the rest, a transformer should be used so as to control the flow of electricity and not short circuit any part of the system. Although we have not assembled all the components together, we have done the research of how would the hovercraft propel itself with the components we have bought. It will be connected to an iOS via Bluetooth.

4.2 Explanation of Key Findings
We are unable to fit the components as some of the components are not compatible to one another. Take the ESC and the motor for example; The motor is 90 amp while the ESC could only handle 30, the ESC would malfunction and even explode.

4.3 Evaluation of Goals
Goals were not met as the model has yet to be completed some of our problems are,
a) The ESC could not handle to motor.
b) We did not have time to buy the proper motor or replace the ESC.
c) We did not have enough time to finish the model.

The basic structure of the vehicle has been built already with exception of the motor tower, rudders and the wooden plank that is supposed to hold the thrust motor and lift motor. So after the exams, we have decided to split the work up. Here is the plan so far, Desmond(S2-03) and Ai'man(S2-03)would be working on the coding and soldering. Christian(S2-03)and Danial(S2-03)would be working on the physical model itself by making the motor tower, rudder and completing the lift duct. I, Russell(S2-03)would be working on the administrative materials like updating the blog, taking important videos and pictures for the experimenting phase and also writing the report with the help of my other teammates.

Our new goals:
-Work on the rudder, motor tower and completion of the lift duct (Christian & Danial)
-Start on the coding and soldering (Desmond & Ai'man)
-Take videos and pictures of everything (Russell)
-Write proper conclusion and finish up on the video and poster (Whole Group)

4.4 Areas of improvement
Areas of improvement would be to have a better handle on electricity and circuits so as to make sure the hovercraft is able to function and not short circuit anything.We should have searched for better guides so as to be able to compare designs and state why certain things are done.

Currently we are using the 90 AMP motors and 30 AMP ESCs Thus we have to replace them with suitable ones. However we are unable to buy materials due to us being busy. We should also have more proper cutting tools as the ones use was inappropriate as we were looking for presicion

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