3. Results

As we do not have sufficient, we were not able to complete the model and experiment with it. So, we are now going to explain and to you what we have done and what we are going to do in the future.

On the picture above, is what we have so far of our model which is basically the main base along with the lift duct.

The picture above is the list of the materials we had which basically consists of a bottle of glue, 2 batteries 2 motors, 1 annikken andee,  3 ESCs, 2 types of heat tubing, a USB cable, 2 propellers and the tarp.

The 2 pictures above is the annikken andee and the USB cable to connect it with a mobile device. Well this amazing piece of technology allows us to programme our hovercraft's fans and rudders giving us full control of the vehicle. This particular annikken andee is made especially for a apple IOS device as we thought that it would be fun to control the vehicle with the iPad as if it were a video game.

The picture above shows batteries that are supposed to power the 2 fans and the rudders. Even though this battery looks like it can handle a lot doesn't it? Well, it can. The problem does not lie in the battery as it was sufficient but instead it is in the ESC which would be explained why further down this page.

As you could have already guessed, the picture above is the foam safe glue that we used to stick most of the hovercraft together such as the 2 bases and the lift duct.

The 2 pictures above is a packet of heat tubings that is gonna protect the raw wires from getting in contact with water, contaminants or us. 

The picture above is our motor which was going to power the fans. As you might already be able to tell, the motor is way too big and powerful for the batteries and ESCs to handle. Therefore, we need to decide whether to buy a new less powerful motor or replace the ESCs and batteries.

The picture above shows our propellers which are both 35cm in length.

The picture above shows part of our skirt which is made up off this blue tarp.

The picture above shows the ESC which is basically too weak to handle such a powerful motor like the one above and if we were to connect the ESC to the motor and power it, it might catch on fire or even explode so we need to change the motor or replace the ESC.

Our plans now are that straight away after the exams, we are going to be continuing our project so check up with this blog as we will update it as soon as it is completed!

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